The Minotaur

… but now […] open my eyes...”

Oil on canvas – 116 x 97 cm

In Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, the figure of the Minotaur appears in the seventh circle of Hell. He is the guardian of the first ring (girone): the Violent against their Neighbor.

… and on the border of the broken chasm
the infamy of Crete was stretched along” (Inf., XII, 11-12)

In I.Q. Project, the Minotaur is the victim’s mentor, like Virgil accompanying Dante in his crossing of Hell. It is the reading grid for the paintings of the Innocence Quest series.

It is, from a psychological point of view, the metaphor for duality, for man facing his demons, a symbol of repressed perversions, bestiality and death.

(english translation in progress. See page in french language)